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Trayce Madre; VIP Level Triple Diamond Ambassador

Trayce Madre is a 7 figure self built brand that has been an entrepreneur for the past 20 years.  She has now come into the new digital space and brought her level of experience to the business which has been GAME CHANGER.   Her highest passion in life is watching others grow and develop.  Her mantra is service will exhalt all businesses to supreme excellence.

Since coming in the company her accolades are the following:

*  Received over $40,000 in bonuses within her first 6 month

* Received a total of $80,000 in bonuses in month 11

*  Reached 5 figure monthly status by month 8

*  Highest monthly en-roller for customers

*  Highest monthly en-roller for distributors

*  Reaching Diamond Level with 3 months

*  Ranked 4 levels in 1 month

*  Leader of numerous Personal Development Online courses for the team

Her daily goal is to teach her team members to do the same. COMMITTED!

Training and Development

With over 300 brand ambassadors under her, training and development is the key to gaining success. She has coined a unique way to allow her  brand ambassadors to understand the concept in a very compassionate way through supportive learning.

*  Online Digital On-boarding

*  3 way team calls

*  One on One Support

*  Weekly Team Digital Meetings

*  Personal Development Support

*  Weekly Prayer Calls

*  Top Leader guidance


Could you  imagine not having to clock in?........How does that sound.  For most it's a dream.  Let me show you how to make it a reality! I can show you how to create a side income from your phone!

No matter if you want to do this part time or full time.  I show you how to blend this opportunity into your life and create lasting change!  ahhhhhhh FREEDOM!


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